Friday, October 29, 2010

11 Months old!

look who I caught in the cheerio cup!

destroying the usual

trying to run away

doesn't he look happy that we are making him sit still?? ha

just reading some mail in the yard

action shot

hanging out and reading his favorite book--I love his leg propped up there

muah! those eyes melt me. Watch out girls!

my boys!

hanging out in the swing

Wow. 11 Months. It almost hurts me to type that. My little man is growing up so fast. I can't believe it sometimes, but then I see him practically running across a room to get away from me so that I can't change his diaper, or throwing a fit because we won't let him near the fireplace, it definitely sinks in! haha.

Nash-little man-here is what you are up to these days.

You are walking so well. Just today, your daddy commented that you are practically running across rooms now. It is so amazing to see your daily progress. Just two weeks ago we were excited about 2-3 steps and now you walk from room to room like it's no big deal at all.

You LOVE being outside. And you get really upset when we make you come back in. You are also pretty obsessed with Sosie-tink tink. One of your favorite things right now is sharing your cup of cheerios with her. You giggle and laugh then entire time and she lets you touch her now, which is a big improvement from practically running the other direction when she saw you!

You are down to about 2 bottles a day. You take a big bottle in the morning and then a smaller one before bedtime. Sometimes we give you a little one after you wake up from a nap, but you aren't really interested in them anymore. I think we will start trying some milk out this week to see how you like it.

You take a morning and afternoon nap and 99% of the time you sleep through the night. If you do wake up, you quickly go back to sleep after a quick soothing. It makes me wonder if you had a bad dream.

You are starting to snuggle!!! yay! You come up to us now and lay your head on us and it melts my heart! You were born into a snuggling family, so this makes us very happy.

You have slowed down quite a bit on your eating. You still eat very well, but just not as much as you were a month or so ago. You are still very big for your age, so we aren't worried any.

You say Dada, All done, bye bye, tink tink, thank you, ball, bottle. Not everyone may understand it, but your Daddy and I do!

You are going to be the best big brother. I know that you and your little sister will love each other very much and hopefully will be the best of friends.

34+ weeks with the pregnancy and all is going well. I had an appt today and we are both perfectly healthy. The only problem right now is she seems to be perfectly content laying sideways in my stomach, and we really need her to turn head down in the next couple of weeks. The doctor is having me get a sono with our next visit so we can pinpoint exactly what position she is in and make sure everything still looks good. Be sending good vibes our way and pray that she is head down so we don't have to go down the road of potentially turning her ourselves.

Monday, October 25, 2010

He walks!

Nash recently started walking! yay! I knew that we wanted him to be walking, and walking well, before Laine got here and we got our wish! I didn't want him to be tumbling around all over the place taking some nasty falls, when I knew I couldn't catch him quickly enough with a newborn in my hands. He has progressed so much already. This video is of the first day of him walking out in free space. He had been walking from wall to wall or pieces of furniture for a while, but Eric said he just took off for the wild blue yonder one day while I was at work. This broke my heart of course, and I cried, but he sent me some video immediately and it made the situation a little bit better. He gets more steady everyday and now he walks more than he crawls.

Coming soon! Halloween and 11 month old pics

Eating and talking

Friday, October 8, 2010

3rd wedding anniversary

my cutie pie on his way to the zoo!

LOVE this pic of my two guys!

Mommy and Nash checking out the giraffes

my big boy with his sippy cup

swinging on the swing at the park

These last few days we have been celebrating our 3rd anniversary! 3 years and 1 3/4 kids sounds crazy! And we still like each other...even better! We headed down to Grandma and Grandpa Tomlinson and spent a day with them and then headed out to our destination and left Nash to hang out with them for the night. He did great and had a good time with them. Eric and I stayed at a dude ranch/bed and breakfast for the night and went to Fossil Rim the next day before heading back to pick up our little dude. We both missed him very much and he greeted us with a "dada" loud and clear when we pulled up to the house. He says Dada a lot now and I think maybe at this point he thinks both of us are "dada", but it is still the sweetest little thing to hear right now.

The ranch we stayed at is beautiful and we had a nice relaxing time. We were in bed and asleep by 9 that night and slept until 8 the next morning! I actually wasn't really tired the whole next day and I can't remember the last time that happened! We hiked some trails while we were there and hung out in the hottub(with the belly out most of the time!) It was so quiet that it was almost creepy at times. I guess I just didn't realize how much noise Nash and all his toys make, and how used to that I had gotten. I'm glad we got to get away, because I'm sure it will be the last time for a while we are by ourselves.

Fossil Rim was a lot of fun. I had never been before, but Eric had. He still had a great time too. His bow was in the back seat the entire time and he mentioned more than once that he sure would like to use it on some of the animals.

Hope you all are having a good week as well! Enjoy this sure doesn't last long enough.

cute little video of Nash playing around when he's naked

Saturday, October 2, 2010

10 months old and 30 weeks prego!

stinking cutest thing ever!

hi big brown eyes

standing all by himself!

30 weeks!

My baby is 10 months old! I told him the morning of his "birthday" that he was in double digits now! It goes by so quickly its crazy and sad at the same time. He is such and amazing little boy and we feel so blessed every single day to be his parents. He really is a dream baby, which makes me soooo stinkin nervous about this little firecracker I have in my belly.

I had an appt this last week and everything was perfect. My blood pressure was great. I had only gained 5 lbs in the last month...which I was the most excited about! I passed by diabetic screen!!! yay! Dr F confirmed what I was thinking and said he thinks this little baby is lying sideways across my belly with her head on my left-with her face up. (picture her sunbathing) that is how she has been lying for weeks! crazy girl.. she has a lot of moving to do before the next few months are up. She is still technically measuring a week small, but he said it's probably just because of her position. Shes stretched out sideways instead of up and down.

Nash-little man-here is what you are up to.

You said Dada just a few days ago! We were super surprised and excited. you just looked right at your daddy and said Dada first thing in the was super sweet. You can also say bye bye, bite and juice. I think you understand way more than that, it's just not coming out of your mouth quite right yet.

You are standing alone and will take a few "walk-fall" steps. meaning that you will take some steps, but only if you have something that you can basically fall into. You are very graceful when you do need to fall and basically fall on your booty every time, or you just crouch down and put a hand down. You have managed to have no major falls/spills yet!

You still take two naps a day-morning and afternoon. You go to bed between 7-8 at night and sleep until around 8 in the morning. whoo hoo

You have 8 teeth and are working like crazy on cutting those mean eye teeth.

You take your bottle in the morning very well, but aren't really interested in it throughout the rest of the day. I manage to get you to take around 15 ounces a day of formula, but you LOVE your water and watered down juice out of a sippy cup. You drink 2-3 cup fulls a day.

You are eating only solid food and like to feed yourself. Your current faves are bananas, grapes, beef hotdogs, cheese, diced fruit, goldfish crackers and puffs. No baby food at all! You are not interested at all in any kind of baby food, so we have given it all away.

The weather has been perfect the last week and we have taken advantage of it. We went to the zoo one day and visited a local park and had lunch at took a nice walk another day. I will post pics from the zoo soon.

love you all.