Monday, November 29, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NASH-Warning picture overload-but you're only 1 once right!

crazy boy has had this backpack since he was born and just randomly decided to wear it this day! He was so proud

and he is done with the backpack! haha. he's made because he can't figure out how to get it off!
38 + weeks!

sharing some cake with Grandma

Nash with the papparazzi-this is what happens when you're the first grandchild on both sides!

playing with the balloons again with Great Grandaddy


look at my cool shirt!

checking out the cool playhouse uncle Jake and Paul got me!

cupcake time!

Nash's smash cake with his sock monkey theme

checking out the balloons with Grandpa

all his gifts!

Mommy and Nash with his backpack on

Nash's wall of monthly birthday pics

Poppy and Nash sacked out on the couch. This is pretty much the only way he sleeps at my parents house

checking out the new baby gate on the stairs

sitting at the table like a big boy!

crazy boy somehow found one of my bras and carried it around for about an hour one day!

Today is Nash's 1st birthday! wow! this year has flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was telling the story of my marathon labor. ha. We had his birthday party this past Saturday and he did great! He had so much fun visiting with all of his family and friends. Thank you so much to all who came. I know that a 1 year olds party isn't the most fun you've ever had, but we appreciate it so much.

Nash-you are a doll! I adore you and so does your Daddy. I can't tell you how many times a day that we say how lucky and grateful we are to have you as our son and oldest child. You are really developing a little personality right now. You know when we are laughing and laugh right along. Sometimes you even figure out what we are laughing at and do it again just so we can laugh some more. You are so fun and love to play and go outside. You love the outside and cry everytime we have to come back inside. You wear yourself out playing so much that you are taking LONG naps right now, which is ok by us!
-You are still taking a morning and an afternoon nap and continue to sleep through the night! pretty much a perfect kiddo!
-You eat three good meals a day and take a bottle of whole milk in the morning and sometimes before you go to bed. You're really into juice right now and suck it down every chance you get.
-You have 8 teeth in and are working on a couple of molars right now, they are poking their heads through, but haven't completely broken through yet. You wouldn't know it though, you act like they aren't bothering you at all!
-You had your second ear infection this month, you got it after struggling with a cold for a few days, but got over it quickly.
-You babble/talk like crazy. We don't quite understand a lot of what you say, but you look at us like we are having a deep conversation and say it over and over like we are the ones that don't understand you and something is wrong with us.
-You like your bath time right now and stay in there until you are so pruney I have to drag you out. You love water in general and are constantly playing in any liquid you can find.
You have light brown hair that has some curl at the ends. It probably could use a haircut, but I don't have it in my heart yet to get the scissors out! big brown eyes that everyone always comments on when they see you! You are a big boy and weigh somewhere around 28 pounds. We haven't found a birthmark on you yet, but maybe soon.

I could go on and on and on, but just know that we love you so very much and are so proud of you!

In other news, we are having Miss Laine on Wednesday! We are so ready for her to be here and for her to meet all of her family and her big brother! I will post some pics of our new little family soon!

Friday, November 19, 2010

this little piggy

Nash doesn't even do this anymore, but since it is still so cute, I thought I would post it anyway!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

37 weeks prego and less than 2 weeks until we are a family of 4!!

how handsome is this little man!

outside-his favorite place to be

Grandma getting the leaves out of his mouth-we do this frequently

This was the only pic I got of Halloween-he decided to skip his afternoon nap, so we were down for the count around 5:30! no trick or treating for us this year.

I have to say that this pregnancy has flown by! I can't believe in less than 2 weeks we will be parents of two babies! crazy! I must say that I am very ready for her to be here. My body is TIRED and hurts all the time. We have set a tentative delivery date for Dec. 1 if she hasn't made her debut before then. Dr F. tried to get me to induce her sometime in late Nov, to which I quickly replied "no way" I've got way to much going on during that time, she will just have to wait! haha. He looked at me like I was crazy and I'm sure with me being so set on her being a Dec baby, she will decide to come before then.I've got Nash's birthday party, his real birthday and a one year check up to get done.
She seems to like to do her own thing whenever she feels like it. It's so bizarre how different of a baby she is inside of me than Nash was. I thought he moved a lot and now I know he was relatively quiet. This little maniac makes it look like an alien is going to burst through my stomach at any moment. Eric can see her going crazy from across the room and he just gives me his best-we are in for it with this one- look! I think he's probably right! she is a crazy busy girl.

The pregnancy is going well. I am already dilated 2 cm, so that is way far ahead of what I was with Nash at this point. yay! hopefully no marathon labor this time! She is measuring on the big side as well, which is why we are inducing about a week early.

I know it sounds crazy, but my type A personality just really needs her to have a Dec birthday. I know it's only 2 days apart from him, but to me it keeps them separate enough that it will make things a little bit easier when they get old enough to care about having or not having their birthdays together. I don't know why I care, but I do!

Nash is battling a cold and an ear infection right now. He's being a champ about it though. You wouldn't really even know he was sick if he wasn't constantly tugging on his ear. He occasionally has been a little cranky too, which was our first indication that something was wrong-because he is never cranky!

Going back to the not sleeping well thing-I think I'll try going to bed now! wish me luck. I just pray I don't have to get up to go to the bathroom more than 4 times! haha