Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

Nash digging in for some jelly beans after success on the potty!

cheesing for the camera

oh yes, that is ketchup. He decided to decorate his hair instead of eating

pics of the first haircut. You can tell he was excited! ha. he needed it though, it was a long stringy mullet

Hi all-yes we do have another child! haha, but I was trying to upload some videos and not having any success right now. Somehow all my new pictures are of him. I guess because he is having a lot of new milestones right now.

Nash has begun going pee pee in the potty! yay! We are a long ways from being Potty trained, but it's a start and we are so proud of him!

He also got his first haircut recently. He was not fond at all of staying still, so we mainly just got rid of the mullet and got it out of his eyes.

They had their 6 and 18 month check ups recently and are both doing great!

Laine is huge! She is 29 inches tall and 21 lbs. She is right on track developmentally.

Nash is doing great too. 35 inches tall and 30 lbs. He is lagging behind in speech a little so they tested his ears for fluid and he does have an accumulation in his left ear. Nothing will be done for now, just watch and see how his speech develops.

The pedi gave them both A+'s !!

As soon as I figure out what's wrong with the video upload, I will get the video up.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I have a 6 month old!

homemade baby food!

happy girl playing in her playmat

playing with her turtle

in her cute little swimsuit at Mim's house

munching on some mum-mums

sweet girl stole Mommy's spot in bed

practicing her sitting

having good conversation with the puppy

Miss Laine is 6 months old! She is just growing up so fast and changing so quickly right now.

Here are some things you are up to right now:

You are sleeping through the night most of the time. Occasionally you flop over in the middle of the night and wake yourself up and can't get comfortable, so I have to help you back to sleep. You take two good naps a day and sometimes a third little cat nap. You are taking bottle well, trying to hold them yourself most of the time. You are also venturing out into the world of solids! You have done cereal, winter squash, yellow squash, sweet potatoes and apples. You don't care for pears at all and make a "gag me" face when I try to give them to you. You also like baby Mum-mums a lot. they are little rice patties that basically melt in your mouth.

You were 9-12 month clothing mostly! You are so very long that 12 month onesies are all that I can snap up around you. You have dark brown hair and brown eyes. Your eyelashes have finally come in and they are very curly. Your hair is basically just fuzz that sticks out all over your head, but it is growing quite a bit lately.

You love blowing raspberries and slobbering. We have to keep a bib on your pretty constantly in order to keep your clothes dry. No teeth to be seen yet. You are almost sitting up on your own, but not quite yet. I'm thinking pretty soon though. You love your exersaucer and jumperoo. You are very vocal and "talk" a lot, especially in your crib after you wake up. You always wake up a happy baby. You like sucking on your toes right now and think it's so funny when you do.

You adore your brother and your face lights up when he walks in the room. You seem to like being outside a lot too and we go out frequently during the day.

When I'm giving you a bottle to put you to sleep, you always open your eyes one last time right before you give it up and give me a little sleepy smile.I feel like you are saying "I love you Mommy, night night" I love it and will be sad when you quit doing it, but for now I cherish it.

You like bath time a lot. I think it's because most of the time Nash is in there with you and you have captured audience.

We love you sweetness! Can't believe I'm so very blessed to me your Mommy.

Nash-man is 18 month old!

Super star!

complete with Mommy's sandals-on the wrong feet of course!

after his first swim of the season

he has a lot of fun at meal times

showing me all his teeth.

Geez...I don't have a little baby boy anymore! He is officially a big boy. I can't believe he is a year and a half old! What a blast it has been though. Pictures do you more justice at this point in your life than trying to describe it, but I will give it a shot.


what a cool little dude you are! You are ALL boy. You love water, getting dirty in any way possible and eating basically anything you can get your hands on. You like mud, sand and the occasional rock the best. You have yet to swallow the rocks (thank goodness you prefer the bigger kind). You actually have been pretty obsessed with rocks recently. Instead of throwing them in the pond like you used to do, you hoard them and try and bring them inside at night. Speaking of inside, you basically cry and throw a good fit when we do make you come inside. You have developed quite the little tan line from being outside all of the time.

You still sleep throughout the night and take two good naps most days. YAY! You are a great sleeper. You still sleep with a pacifier and your bear-one of these days maybe the bear will have a name. You have a blue paci with stars that is your fave, but in a pinch any of them will do-even your sissy's. When it's bedtime, you tell us bye bye and wave to tell us goodnight.

You eat pretty much anything we feed you. You still don't like strawberries and any kind of bean, but other than that you are a good eater. Some of your faves are string cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, yogurt, apples, cutie oranges, bananas and spaghetti. We struggle getting you to eat veggies, but we are working on it. You drink a lot of milk and water and occasionally we let you have some juice with water in it.

You have your own little language and use the same sounds for the same "things", but they usually aren't the correct words. We are working on it, but it is a struggle right now.

We have started potty training! You have shown a lot of interest in the potty and you always tell us when you pee pee or poop in your diaper, so we thought we would start. You also have started to be embarrassed a little when you do poop in your diaper and you hide from us and won't look us in the eye. So far, no luck with anything in the toilet, but we have our prizes waiting just in case!

You have all your teeth. You have gorgeous little teeth and the next ones to come in are your two year molars. You were a champ at teething and very rarely made a fuss about it.

You still LOVE your crib. I wonder sometimes about changing it to a big boy bed, but you show no interest in climbing out. You are perfectly content after you wake up in the mornings or after naps to just hang out for a little bit until we come get you. You never cry to get out of your crib! EVER.

You know where quite a few body parts are. Your eyes, ears, teeth, nose, toes and belly. We are working on more. You have picked up reading books again recently and we read books a lot.

You are recognizing that people come and go now, especially the grandparents. Your feelings get hurt and you cry when they leave now.

You are such an amazing little dude and we feel very honored to be your parents and for you to be in our lives. I can't wait to see what kind of boy you turn into as you continue to grow up.