Monday, October 26, 2009

32 week belly pics

The belly looks much smaller with clothes over it right??
This one was taken a week before the others though

Hi all-

I've been getting some slack lately about not updating my here ya go! I guess to me it just seems like the movie Groundhog Day, except that the scale keeps seeming to change on me. haha
Nash is doing well. He seems to like the head down position and is comfy with staying there. I like the fact that his karate kicks are not on my bladder anymore.

We had an appt last week. Just the doc listening to his heartbeat and measuring my belly/his size. Apparently he hasn't decided to slow down growing any, so we will get another sonogram next week to see if he continues to be about 2 weeks big or not. He is definitely showing me more of his personality. He does not like certain positions that I lay in and lets me know until I finally move and then he settles in again. He averages about two bouts of the hiccups per day. I find myself already trying to soothe him when he gets them because it seems to agitate him so much. The Mommie mode is kicking in already I guess!

Eric has been keeping himself busy hunting as much as possible. He says he has to squeeze as much in before the birth since I decided to have this baby right in the middle of hunting season! I reminded him that he had a little something to do with it too which got no response from him!

On another note...since when did I move to Seattle and not even know it?? all this rain is becoming a bummer. I know its good for nature, but man am I tired of cleaning mud off of doggies paws right about now!

By the way...the countdown ticker is really starting to freak me out. That 47 day thing is scary! especially when I am fairly certain I will have a 1-2 week old by then! yikes!!! Maybe I should just gestate for the length of time an elephant does???


Friday, October 9, 2009

HUGE baby

the above picture is him looking right at you. the top of his head is to the right and you can see his eye sockets, nose, mouth and chin

this pic is the same with him looking at us. To me it looks like he is smiling with his mouth open (:

We had a sono on Thursday because our Dr. thought that Nash was continuing to measure big and he wanted to get an idea of just how big. Well....he's huge! The sonographer guesstimated his weight to be 4lbs 3 oz and said he was almost 18 inches long! Most newborns are somewhere around 18 inches long! She said he was really tall and lean right now but he definitely has some fat cheeks. She also said she could tell he already has some hair. Very cool considering I was bald until I was 2.

So we just continue on for now and worry about what to do and when to do it later. He's very healthy and I continue to feel well and am healthy for now.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

update and more baby showers!!

opening my bumbo seat

sweet onesies

Sara and I

beautiful yummy coconut and lemon cakes

awesome place cards

beautifully set table

yummy cake and punch in Granbury

me with my Mimi and Eric's Mimi

Lyn measuring the belly with toilet paper

First off..the best news--I passed my diabetic test! whoo-hoo! Best news ever and just in time for the baby showers that we were blessed with having this past weekend. On Saturday my Mom, Mimi and I traveled to Granbury for a wonderful shower that happened to be during a rain shower that day as well. Then on Sunday my sweet friends in our Lifegroup had a very fancy little shower/luncheon for me and Sara who is due within days of me.

Nash's room is filling up quickly. This little boy doesn't even know how spoiled he is yet! Hopefully we can teach him to always be gracious about how blessed he is. Plenty of pictures this time and more talking soon after our sonogram and appt tomorrow. We will find out just how big this kiddo is. I am so excited to see him and even more excited to see Eric's reaction after he sees how much he has changed since the last time we got to take a sneak peak at him.