Tuesday, May 26, 2009

12 week check-up

We just got in from the Doctor's visit and have nothing but good news! The best news of all being that I only gained 4 lbs from the last visit! haha! I was expecting to see more like a 10lb weight gain, so 4 was a relief! I also love the fact that the office has the dads wait in the waiting area until after all the "weighing in" is over with!

During the sonogram the baby was very uncooperative and I had to cough several times along with changing positions to get this little one to be in the right position for the measurements that needed to be made. Everyone said this baby has a very skinny neck, which is a great thing in this case and puts us at a very low risk for Down Syndrome. They measured his heartbeat at 165, which is perfect. We even got to see him/her have a case of the hiccups during one part of the sonogram. The facial features resemble an alien and the sonographer had to assure ET that it wont stay like that, and that the baby just doesn't have any fat on him/her yet. She even measured him a week ahead of my due date in size, which may eventually put us back at my original due date of 12-5! I knew all that food was going to some greater good! We have our next office appt in 4 weeks and then our next sono at around 18 weeks. We will know for sure if its a boy/girl at that point.

This little one seems to be left hand dominant already! it held up its left hand during the entire sono. Not a big surprise to his left handed parents though... The spine looked good and we could see the 2 halves of his brain. It had long skinny arms and legs as well.

The top picture is what we lovingly refer to as our alien baby pic. the baby is looking right at the screen. The second pic is a profile pic and you can see his left hand up there hanging out by his/her head.

We were given a DVD of the entire sonogram but I'm having difficulty uploading it to the site. Check back soon to see if I accomplished my task.

Love you all

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here are the sonogram pictures from our initial sono a few weeks ago. I'm posting them so everyone can see the drastic difference when we get new ones in a few weeks. My dad requested that I post belly pics as well so he can see how huge I'm getting...(: These were the first ones I've taken and it doesn't look like much, but boy can I tell the difference already.


Howdy y'all

We have so many family and friends that aren't close to us in proximity so we(I) decided a blog would be a neat idea so that everyone could keep up with us more easily. To all of my Oklahoma followers..I apologize about the blog address..I tried about 10 different others before this one wasn't already being used by someone else. It's amazing how many Tomlinsons there are out in the blogging world!

I'm sure you guys know by now our wonderful news that we are expecting a little one in early December! We have been waiting/praying for this for quite some time so we are more than excited about the news.

I plan on keeping you guys up to date on as much as you want to know! Lots of pictures and maybe even some video to come! We have our next appt on May 26th and we just might be able to see if it's a boy or girl depending on how this baby cooperates!

I am so lucky to have the job I do so that I can do fun things like this that most women don't get the chance to do just whenever they want to. This is the very first time I was able to hear the heartbeat on a doppler. I was shocked to find it so soon so I had my friend from work video it for me.