Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just another rainy Sunday

Just thought I would post some cute pics from this last week. We had a good quiet week around here. Nash went to Mims work(my mom) on Wed when Eric had practice. He did great and my Mom said he has a fan club there now! I wouldn't have thought differently. ha.

Grandma and Grandpa Tomlinson came to see us on Thursday and Friday. Nash had a fun time showing him all his new tricks.

He is so so close to laughing and it is so sweet watching him trying to figure it out. Now if we can just get it on video! that will be a task in itself.

Here are cute pics of his first ride on Daddys shoulders. He thought it was pretty cool.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Naked Nash

Laying out-he needs some shades

look at that booty! so cute and fat

He is holding his head up so well now

More naked baby

this great blue heron thought our backyard was wet enough to find some food I guess

Nash is his "big boy" pajamas. These are his first two piece pjs.

I think this is the first documented "dirty look" that he has given me! he didn't want his pic taken apparently. or he was mad about being in the carseat

this one was taken before the dirty look photo. He was still happy

Eric's back yard creation--a polar bear. look closely and you'll see it. this is a profile of him/it

We FINALLY had some sun this morning and I took advantage of it and got my little albino baby some sun time. He seems to really like it, but I think it's just because he doesn't have the diaper on!

I had a good first day back at work. I actually only worked half a shift due to the pt census dropping, but it was a good "break in" day to have and I still got to come home and snuggle with my two Valentine's for the afternoon. ET even watched a chick flick with me after Nash went to bed!

Everyone stay warm and hope that spring is just around the corner! I know at this house we can't wait!!!

P.S. for all you new bloggers/readers out there. If some of the pictures are too small to see very well, just click on them and it blows them up bigger for you!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Nash taking a ride on Maggie

Our camo snowman

sweet sleeping baby

Little man putting his feet in the snow

Our family

poor little guy couldn't keep his eyes open because it was so bright

Can anyone believe this snow! holy cow! I woke up this morning and walked into the living room and was so surprised I scared Eric until he fully woke up and realized I wasn't scared, just shocked! We had a wonderful day playing in the snow. As I type it is after 9 pm and my precious husband is still out in the snow, building the biggest snowball ever-according to him. I love that about him. He is such a kid at heart and I know that our kids will have such a fun dad to grow up with. Nash is doing great and so are we. Just wanted to post some pictures from our day.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

2 month check-up/check-in

Nash stylin in his 6 month size outfit

2 months old!

melts my heart!

Can you believe he is two months old! I sure can't. He has changed so much in a few short weeks that to look at him it is so obvious that he is older, but I feel like it's only been hours ....sniff sniff.

He went for his two month check-up and shots last week with his pedi. She gave him a clean bill of health on everything. His ears even looked so much better than they did last time! yay! He HATES getting his ears looked at and threw his first fit ever while she was doing this! Eric and I just looked at each other with our mouths dropped. We had no idea he had lungs like that on him. Thankfully most of the time he just fusses a little bit. He is starting to show a lot more of a personality though.

Here are his stats from his visit.

Weight--15.05 lbs--97% ( we have a chunkey monkey right now!)

Height--24 1/4 inches--85%

Head circumference--90%

To sum it all up--he is a big healthy boy. No illnesses yet! whoo hoo. He got all the needed vaccinations and barely even cried for those. He was a little fussy when we got home but one dose of tylenol and a good long nap cured all!

He is sleeping through the night! He actually has been since about 7 weeks. He sleeps between 9 and 10 hours straight. Before long I will probably attempt cutting out the 10-11pm snack he has. I actually wake him up and feed him a few ounces then but I'm thinking about attempting to cut it out and see what happens.

Yes, we realize we have an awesome baby on our hands. We have plenty of friends who have 4-6 month old babies that aren't even coming close to sleeping through the night. We are blessed beyond words because I am one Momma who needs good sleep and anyone who knows Eric knows that he loves his sleep too.

Hopefully this dreadful weather will turn around soon and we can start taking him outside on some walks.

I have to go back to work next Sunday the 14th. I am NOT looking forward to being away from him for that long at all. I know that I am truly blessed to still be at home with him and only going back part time for now, but that doesn't take away the heartache of leaving my baby, even if he is staying with his Daddy and Grandparents.