Monday, January 30, 2012


Some of you may know this, but to this day Nash doesn't call me Momma. Now he simply call me MMMMM, like I taste really good, but he used to call me DeDe. Well, looks like Laine has decided that this fits me as well. Also, she is a complete nut who is constantly entertaining, yet exhausting at the same time, but I wouldn't have her any other way. Someone please remind me of this in about 13 years please.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Catching up

I told him to show me the lashes....not really, but seriously-not fair!

Hi All-

I know it's been a long time(almost a month) since posting. I have no idea why January seems to be a low picture taking kind of time, but it seems to be following a pattern. I guess after birthdays and holidays, I just kinda get in a rut....but I'm slowly climbing out, so bear w me. Without further adieu....lots of kid pics! That's why whoever may read this logs on right?? that's what I thought.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas via video

Christmas morning-we were wayyyy more excited than the kids, but they are still cute in their matching pj's

Oh, the best laid plans. Nash loves Mickey Mouse, but apparently not at this moment

He eventually warmed up to him though

And then Nash and Uncle Brett had a dance off!

Of course, Buzz Lightyear is always a favorite-love this little boy

of course, gotta love affection! This was Christmas day. He is so affectionate right now, and I don't mind one bit! Even when he headbutts me

my little two year old man


You are two years old! You are such a big boy now and become more independent every single day. Just last night you were having a little snack of grapes before bed and when you were finished with them you took your stem to the trash and threw it away---WITHOUT US EVEN ASKING!

You are absolutely adorable and you have the sweetest heart. You are pretty timid around new things/people and are constantly looking for reassurance from Mommy and Daddy that everything is ok. Your little sister has already learned that you are her big brother and uses it to her fullest advantange. She is constantly seeing how far she can push you before you get aggravated and tell her no, which isn't very often. We were at a play place today with a lot of other kids and you randomly went up to her and kissed her on the head when we got there, kinda like you were telling her, it's ok, I'll take care of you. Sweet sweet boy.

Your two year check up with the pediatrician went very well. You are above average on height and weight, which you have been since birth. You still don't say many words, but are adding to the vocabulary daily. Just in the last few days you have added juice and eye and have started saying all done again. We try to let you know how proud we are so that hopefully it will encourage you to talk more.

You can pee pee in the potty and do pretty consistently during the day. I think with a little more consistency on our part, you will be potty trained fairly soon. You still love your paci and bear for nap and bedtime, but Daddy couldn't find it the other day and you took a nap without the paci, so maybe we will "lose" it soon again.

You know a lot of your colors and mimic Mommy on spelling your name, although you just say AHH for every letter. It's still cute. You "count", which consists of the number two over and over, but you mimic counting things and understand what you are doing.

You are very affectionate right now and freely give hugs and kisses. You love to clap for yourself when you pee in the potty, I will try and capture it on video soon, because it's really cute.

You take one long afternoon nap and sleep 12 ish hrs at night. You are great about waking up, but hanging out in the bed for a while until you fully wake up. You hardly ever cry to get up, but most of the time you hang out until we just come to check on you.

You LOVE tv right now and will watch it as much as we let you, so we've had to limit you! You tend to have favorites of the week or month, right now it's Dora the Explorer, but you still like Mickey Mouse, Toy Story and Tangled. You love the horse, Maximus in Tangled and think he is so funny, Mommy thinks he's pretty funny too.

You've turned into a picky eater lately, which is normal for this age, but so abnormal for you. You love oatmeal and waffles for breakfast and that is usually your big meal of the day. You tend to just graze the rest of the day.

Monkey boy, we adore your sweet spirit and infectious laugh.