Monday, September 28, 2009

baby showers!!

Eric practicing for his Daddy duty diaper changes!
one of the many Longhorn themed outfits for the day

Eric w Nash's silver glove and crystal baseball

we received many sweet gift baskets.
( I like seeing all the kids in the background still in their towels from swimming)

Daddy may wear it more than Nash

more burnt orange attire

Eric's daddy apron the girls made for him

awesome diaper cake! the bat has his name engraved on it

other side of the diaper cake

sweet napkins for the shower.
very cool cake! appropriately baseball themed!
Hi all--

We had a very busy week last week that ended on Sunday with our very first baby shower! It was thrown by Eric's 11 year old baseball team. We had a family shower at one of the parents house and it turned out fabulous. The kids swam, the guys ate and watched football and everyone even got together to watch us open up all of our wonderful gifts. We are so blessed to have such good people in our lives.

I'm currently sitting up at the hospital being tested for gestational diabetes. I failed my initial test last week by 3 stinking points so now I have to sit here and get my blood drawn 4 times in a four hour period! blah! on top of that you have to be fasting for 8 hours prior, so basically I'm starving right now! ha. Hopefully all goes well and this will be the end of this journey.

Nash continues to do well and is very active. Especially after I just drank 100 grams of sugar!

Eric's parents came last week and stayed the night with us in our new house. They recently got back from their summer vacation in Colorado and it was good to finally get them out to see the new house.

There are two baby showers this coming weekend. One on Saturday in Granbury with Lyn and her friends and another on Sunday with our Lifegroup! This baby is so blessed already!

Monday, September 21, 2009

28 weeks!!

The front of the latest flip house.

awesome master bathroom shower

totally gutted and updated the kitchen

beautiful hand scraped hardwood floors throughout

28+ weeks. (no comments please about the hair--it was early morning)

blowing out the candles to 31 years!

Wow! I just looked at the countdown on the top of the page and saw 82 days left! I almost fell out of my chair! It seems to be flying by and I don't see it slowing down any time soon.

Biggest news--we are settled in our house!! yay! We love it out here and I think Maggie and Sosie love it more than we do. They are in dog heaven. We recently finished having the ENTIRE backyard fenced in...which adds up to well over an acre. They went from having a 12x12 patch of grass to this and now they don't know what to do w/ themselves! We are having a lot of fun making the place our own. Eric's next big mission is finding a riding lawnmower. It only took him push mowing the front yard once(about 2 hours worth) to figure that one out. He told me " I can either by a riding lawnmower or be skinny again!" ha!!!We sit out on the back porch almost every night like an 85 year old couple just enjoying the surroundings and quietness.

Eric also just finished up the most recent flip house that he was doing and it was under contract within days of being on the market! yay!! I think he did an excellent job and I will post some pics to brag on him. When we started on the house it was a 1950's house that had NEVER been updated. That will help you appreciate the after pics even more.

Mr Nash or Nash-man as Eric already calls him is doing great! he moves all the time now. We recently found out he prefers the breech position so we are talking to him daily about pros of turning head down in hopes that he is listening to us just this once!

Lots of baby showers coming up! I'm getting very excited to start putting his room together.

Talk w you soon