Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

 I am in love with all these new settings on my pic editor!  the colors are gorgeous
 eating the candy off the ground-the only way to do it

 love this-sitting like such a big girl on the couch
 egg hunting at Grandma and Grandpa Tomlinson's -we actually did it Saturday bc of possible rain on Sunday

 Nash was so sweet and shared most of his eggs with everyone there

 Easter baskets this year. Playdough for the to share
 L's basket had Jessie, play dough cutting tools, some play dough eggs, jelly beans and a stretchy little lizard from Grandma T
 Nash's basket had Woody and Bullseye, playdough eggs and cutting tools, a Dora bouncy ball, a stretchy frog and some jelly beans
little munchkin loves his Woody and Bullseye-they took a bath with him today