Monday, March 14, 2011

Early March

sweet girl at 3 months old

look at those thighs...goodness


cutie pie

sacked out on uncle Jakes lap

having a blast with Paul

Laine loves laying with Momma-I love it too!

having conversation with Mim

cute little boy booty

Thanks to my Mom for letting me swipe all these pics off her camera!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

3 months old!

Miss Laine-

You are 3 months old already and the "baby" is gone! It makes me so sad to see how big you are, but so proud of you too! You really are a sweet baby, and everyone that meets you says so. You are so smiley towards everyone and it brightens the day for everyone that gets one of those smiles. I love coming in from work in the evenings and getting one of those big gummy smiles from you! It makes it all worth it.

Here is what you are up to.

You have giggled a few times, but not a lot, you just love those silent gummy wide open mouthed smiles.

You still have dark brown hair and for sure dark eyes, just not sure which way they are going to go yet with the brown. Right now they are still kind of green gray.

You weigh about 15ish pounds. You didn't go for a check up this month, so we will see what you are measuring next month.
You are really good at the "pouty face." You put those lips out and have tears in your's very dramatic.You met your Great MImi for the first time this month. You guys had a nice long chat.

You participated in the very first of many playgroup dates!
You are still nursing well, but Daddy has used up most of my extra supply of milk I had saved up for when I went back to work already ): You eat like a little piggy with him!

You take two cat naps and two 45mins-1 hr long naps a day. You sleep from 8pm to around 8-8:30 everyday! yay for good sleepers!

You wear size 2 diapers and size 6-9 month clothing for the most part. You are very long bodied and footed stuff doesn't fit at all!

You love your big brother and smile so big whenever he's around you. You have started making a lot of noises the past week and "talk" frequently to us. You make this funny sound when you are breathing in that sounds like a frog croaking. We try to do it back to you, but it always makes our throats scratch and we have to cough. You do it all day long though.The first bath together-of many many to come I'm sure.

I have weaned you off of your prevacid for your reflux and you are doing great. You still get the hiccups like a champ, but they don't seem to bother you. As a matter of fact you and Mommy both had them last night when I was putting you to sleep and I couldn't help but giggle at us both hiccuping together.

You don't like the pacifier that much, only when you're really tired and need it to calm down.

Miss Laine, you are such a sweetie pie. We can't believe how big you're getting and can't wait to see what's in store for you!