Tuesday, February 22, 2011


asleep in Grandpa's arms

my big girl passed out in my arms

this is a common occurence-poor girl. He's trying to "love" on her

he's pretty obsessed with these boots right now

bumbo time

Nash is never too far away from his sissy


My little princess

sitting in her bumbo playing in her play area

Just wanted to put some new pics up. The kiddos are great and growing like weeds-they seem to change everyday, which is both amazing and so sad to me at the same time. I'm trying so hard to eat up every little thing about Laine and her being a baby, because this might be the last time I'll ever have one!

My first day back at work was yesterday-it was eventful, but I made it through and came home to two happy babies. Eric said the day wasn't that bad, they just kept him really busy. Nash is loving getting outside more and more. He is ALL boy and enjoys anything outdoors or that makes him dirty!

Friday, February 4, 2011


I realized I am rarely in pics..so thought I would get one in

My crazy crazy kiddo

The snow was a little bit too deep for him

so we white trashed it out a little bit and took the stroller on a walk


this is what Miss Laine did while we were out in the snow!

My hubby is such a good sport. He actually came into the house today to find me and show me this video. That's one of the things I like most about him, his ability to laugh at himself.

We are going a little stir crazy with this crazy weather-it snowed 6ish inches today, but they say tomorrow should warm up a lot so we might try and venture out a bit.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

2 months old

Miss Laine
You are two months old and I can't believe it! You are just the sweetest little thing and we love you so very much. I guess you really aren't that little, but you are so much smaller than Nash that I think of you as little!

Here are your two month pedi visit stats

Height-23 1/2 inches-90%

Weight-14#. 05oz >97%-man I have chunk kiddos-exactly a pound less than Nash

look at those chunky legs!

Head Circ-75%

You are a great baby and now that we have you figured out, you hardly ever fuss. It took me a while to figure out what your fusses meant, but most of the time its just that you are bored and need something else to look at/do. You are currently loving your playmat and are starting to tolerate the swing a little bit more. You still don't really like your bouncer. Your big brother likes it more than you do.

I went back and looked at Nash's two month post and he was on such a different schedule than you. You rarely stay awake during the day for more than two hours, but in the evening time you will stay awake for 5-6 hrs at a time before you crash for the night. You usually only wake up once and sometimes not at all! You are still sleeping in our room for now, but I am slowly but surely getting you a room put together and you will start sleeping in your own room soon. You sleep exclusively on your tummy-exactly like your big brother. This annoys the doctors, but you guys love it, so I let you because I feel very safe about your ability to lift and turn your head if needed.

You are still exclusively nursing-which makes Mommy so happy! About once a week for some reason I have to give you an ounce or two of formula to "top you off" right before you go to bed. For some reason at those times I cant seem to give you enough.

You had pretty bad reflux issues when you were little, but now we have you on prevacid twice a day and you are doing great. I still hold you upright for at least 20 minutes after you eat. You rarely spit up, but you do get the hiccups-ALOT! They don't seem to bother you though.

You stick your tongue out all the time-its cute though, so we don't mind right now!

You are wearing 3-6 and a little 6-9 month clothing. You are super long, ,so most of your footed clothes are too short on you and you wind up keeping your legs bent all the time.

You are my little smiley baby. You smile a lot and so big a wide-it's adorable. You are also starting to coo when I talk to you. It melts my heart.

Your big brother is still really into giving you kisses. Most of the time he is gentle, but sometimes he gets a little rough. You don't seem to mind though and take it all in stride. You can also sleep through just about any noise, thanks to your jabber jaws big brother.

Laine Elizabeth-your Daddy and I love you so much and you are such a great addition to our family. We enjoy every minute with you.

We didn't want Nash to be left out, so here are some pics we took at the park recently. He is now 14 months old!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

videos of my cuties

Here are some cute videos we shot of Nash and Laine today. We had a very lazy day since we were iced in. Nash and Laine both have colds right now--boo. Mommy has one too. We are just trying to get well and stay warm. Laine turned 2 months old today, but her appt with the pediatrician got canceled due to the weather, so I will post it once I have her "stats"