Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hailing in January

MOM! stop taking pictures of me!

Big yawn

You are so silly!

Visiting with my Great Grandma Versie. We had a lot to talk about

yes, I am the cutest thing ever!

Nash and Daddy showing off their studly bodies

Hanging out with Aunt Abi

Nash during the Longhorn Nat'l Championship Game

ET during the Longhorn game.

I can't believe that it hailed here yesterday! I am very grateful for the warmer temps recently but not so sure about the severe weather to go along with it.

We are all doing great here! Nash is growing and changing so fast it's crazy! He has started cooing recently when I talk to him which is so fascinating to me. I get smiles all the time and he seems to really know that his mommy is here to make everything better. He really calms down quickly when I pick him up now. I love him so much and even more everyday!

He is sleeping through the night now. He has for the last 4-5 nights. We have him on a pretty set schedule and he seems to do well with it. He gets up between 6-7 in the morning. stays up except for a few cat naps until 11ish. goes down for a nap until 2ish. stays up until 5-6 at night. down for another nap until 8 or 9. then down for the night between 10 and 11.

Here are some recent pics of our pride and joy.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Look at me! 1 month old. ET wanted to use the Bevo as a reference. I think it's way too big


Nash's Daddy! whoa they look alike!

We spent this last weekend in Granbury with Eric's family and they got to have lots of lovin on Nash time. Little man is passed out asleep right now and probably will be for a while. He was up for 6 straight hours at one point today! whew!

Last week we finally broke down and took him to the pediatrician to have his umbilical cord removed. The stubborn thing just wasn't coming off on its own. It ended up being no big deal and she said he most likely won't have an outie belly button because of it, but there is a chance it could be a little outie. Thats ok...he will just match his mom! I had a serious outie until I was 5-6 and still have a slight one.

We finally solved the mystery of where Nash came from. We were digging thru the old photos at his parents house this last week and we found a pic of Eric that you could mistake for Nash if it weren't for the 30 year difference!