Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekend Trip To Granbury

Mommy and Nash pics! these are few and far between-mostly b/c Mommy always looks like this! ha

look at that crazy nap hair! can you tell it takes him a while to completely wake up?

he is OBSESSED with the dishwasher right now. especially when it's running

playing in the plasticware cabinet
We had a fun little trip to Granbury for a few days last weekend. We got to spend a lot of time with the Great Grandparents and Uncle Brett!Grandma and Grandpa Tomlinson are in New Mexico right now working at a church camp. Nash had a great time chasing Maximus around (poor dog) and exploring two houses that until he has gotten mobile have been uncharted territory. Great Granddaddy and Nana even came and spent the night with us on Friday night! Even though it was because their AC wasn't working right. I think Nash still loved climbing in bed with them in the morning.

playing with Great Nana

being silly with Uncle Brett

poor Maximus. He yanked and pulled his tail all weekend

he tasted it a few times too

a belly shot! finally. This is about 24 weeks!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baby Proofing 101-close the bathroom door!

Parenting is a very humbling experience to say the least. Here is what happened this evening. Normally I keep the bathroom doors closed, but we had just gotten in from being out of town for a few days and with unpacking everything I just forgot. I was cooking dinner and Eric was outside watering when I noticed I couldn't hear him the time I got there he was elbow deep, so I figured a few more seconds to get it on video couldn't hurt! ha

this one is for the Grand and Great Grandparents....just because hes SO DARN CUTE!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my sweet little boy

love this boy!

silly face

look at those teeth!

why are you taking pics of me eating MOM??

one of the faves right now..plastic bowls on the tile

knocking everything off the coffee table---thats in the dining room!

Everything has to be on the floor
Hi all-

We are trying our best to stay as cool as possible with this weather. blah. It stinks we can't go outside. You really can't even swim until late in the evening and then Nash is already in bed. He is so prone to heat rash that he ends up getting it everytime we go venture out. Sometimes putting clothes on him makes him get it around his neck area. poor little hot natured guy!

Nash is growing and changing everyday! He is VERY busy right now and it seems like all we do is chase him around and get him out of his precarious positions that he ends up in. He pulls up on everything but then can't seem to figure out how to get back down gracefully yet, so he just stands there and whines until someone comes and gets him. I think about letting him just figure it out himself occasionally, but it would break my heart if he got hurt trying to "fall" gracefully, so for now we grab him and sit him down. Most of the time hes back up before I can even turn around!

He has started giving me kisses the last few days. He knows what hes doing for sure, but it's just the wide open mouth slobbery ones for now, which I never thought I would love so much!

Hes not much into baby food anymore, he would rather feed himself with something with a little texture and substance to it. He love grapes, raisins, turkey and chicken sticks. Yogurt and applesauce are ok too, but only if I make him.

Hope you guys are enduring the heat well! Love you all.