Sunday, July 24, 2011

ba ba ba ba

Laine has started mimicking people and this cute little video catches her at her best.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

first "official" haircut, playdate and nude coloring

Nash with Emily with his do-rag on(also known as his sisters pants) Reese thinks he's crazy I think

Nash and Reese playing in the ball pit

added this just so she wouldn't feel left out...she is soooo sleepy in this pic

Nash's masterpiece

nude coloring and eating

up close shot! haha.. that's the cutest little booty

3 people to have a 1 year old get a haircut

he did like his car though

the end result--so handsome. and yes, that is a bribery sucker--don't judge

Yes, I know...very very random post header, but it does encompass all the pictures I need to post! haha. Nash got his official first haircut recently. It only took 3 people to accomplish the task. One blowing bubble, Daddy attempting to hold him still and the lady cutting his hair, who said that she frequently cuts her hands while quickly cutting toddlers hair. geez...what a job.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

7 months old

Laine in her patriotic bow

she looks so tall in this pic! ripping the paper up of course

I was beginning to think by the time I put this post up for her 7 month stuff that it would be time for her 8 month post...geez. Time is just flying by.

Miss Laine-

You are 7 months old! How did this happen? You are turning into a big girl so quickly!

You have started babbling quite a bit, you like to say m and b a lot. You also just like blowing raspberries and quite frequently soak the front of your clothes. Most of the time now you aren't in clothes since it's so hot right now, but occasionally we do put some clothes on you! haha

You take 6 ish bottles a day and also eat 2 meals plus some kind of little puff snack for breakfast. You don't take a pacifier so you tend to want the bottle to put you to sleep, but mostly just to gnaw on the nipple for a little bit to fall asleep. You love for me to hold you while you fall asleep and always fall asleep pretty quickly. You always grab your ears when you are tired, so we have pretty good cues as to when you need some sleep. You take 2 good naps a day, and sometimes a 3rd little cat nap in the evening time is needed. You still mostly sleep throughout the night, as long as you don't have a dirty diaper. You hate having a dirty diaper and cry as soon as you have one. If you wake up early from a nap I know it's because you have a stinky diaper. For your meals your fave foods right now are yellow squash and sweet potatoes mixed together with a little bit of applesauce to sweeten it up.

You wear 9-12 month clothing. Your body is so long that if it snaps, then 12 month is needed. Still no teeth--I know your brother was working on a mouthful by this time! You sit up independently and also lean forward and rock back and forth like you want to crawl, but then quickly go back down to your belly. I'm sure crawling is in your near future. You get very frustrated when someone puts you down and walks away, so you scream bloody murder until we "fix it" by picking you up--I think you have a little diva in you.

You prefer to be in the floor these days, so I think the days of the exersaucer and jumperoo are coming to an end...sniff sniff. More stuff to go up in the attic!

You are generally such a happy little cupcake and your daddy and I love you to the moon and back!

Everyday Happenings

I have no words for this picture, just know that this is a common sight at our house

she's such a little goober

play time with Poppy

Nash wasn't nearly as excited as Laine was about taking his picture

this is one of my favorite pics ever! Isn't she the best?!

Nash being such a big boy and "reading" books in his chair and having a snack!

These are some cute pics I have taken of the kids during the past few weeks.