Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our last few weeks in pictures

Laine is loving her little playmat

haha! I couldn't resist that cute booty! I hope he doesn't kill me in 15 years!

Hang ten! And yes, he climbed up there all by himself-also fell off by himself!

chocolate pudding face-check out those massive molars coming in! yikes

my little ham

this is the result of a face plant in the mud!

Cute as a button!

sweet moments in life

Nash riding his batmobile with the backpack on-I guess hes got places to go

my man looks so grown up!

My husband would be a big fan of this post-hardly any reading and all pictures! His kind of book-so he says. We are all doing well and are healthy and that's all you can ask for. I am sooooo ready for winter to be done with! Nash needs to get outside and I'm ready to see some green when I look outside instead of brown!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My little Angel Baby

Ha! I have no idea what this "fit" was about, but oh yes, he has learned to be a little defiant! Laughing at him seems to do the trick to get him to stop, but of course we haven't really had to deal with one in a public place yet, so I'll let you know how that works out! I know the Grandparents are getting a kick out of this--probably saying something like-what goes around comes around right?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow days and snuggle time

ET building a masterpiece

Nash giving his "baby" kisses-she looks a little overwhelmed!

Poppy snuggled up with his grandbabies

look at my sweet little girl smile at her Poppy


that sure doesn't look comfortable to me-but whatever works

We had a pretty good snow a few days ago and the guys enjoyed getting out in it! Nash loves cold things-must be like his daddy because I loathe being cold-that was one of the best things about being pregnant is that I never got cold! Nash on the other hand loves all things cold-his little hands get so cold and red and he doesn't even act like it bothers him at all. We built a snowman and had fun watching him walk around in his boots that were a little bit big on him. He loved them and thought it was funny. It still hasn't gotten above freezing here today! BRRRR. I'm ready for spring now!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Time and Laine is 5 weeks old!

isn't she so cute!

hopefully one day he will use this bible for something other than to chew on!

my little girl...her shirt says cute as a button!

sweet baby curls! I can't bring myself to cut his hair yet

sibling love-haha

my big boy with his M&M mouth playing in his new ball pit

snoozing on Great Grandaddy

Nash riding on his John Deere

my pretty little girl on Christmas morning

my sweet boys

Laine on Christmas eve night-Nash wore these same pjs last year!

Nash with his new batmobile!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year with our two little ones. It seems crazy that we are a family of four now! We had Christmas eve with my family and then spent Christmas morning at home with just our little family. We are going to make that a standing tradition from now on, to always spend Christmas morning at our own home. My parents have told me how much they wished they would have done that for us as children and to always try and make time for just our family alone. They told me that if family wants to see us that bad, then they will/can always come and see us! We went to Granbury on Christmas afternoon to spend with Eric's family. Laine and Nash got to see and meet a lot of new people and were completely worn out by the time the weekend was over with!

Nash got lots of fun new stuff and we have had to "rotate" his toys through every couple of weeks so that he doesn't get bored with them and so that we don't go crazy with the clutter! It has worked out well and he gets excited everytime he sees some of his "new" toys again!

Laine is doing beautifully. She is such a sweet little girl. She smiles at me all the time now! Especially right before I feed her. ha! She is a great nurser and is definitely gaining weight, she has already outgrown her newborn clothing, which makes me kind of sad! She has some fat on her tummy and booty now and has fat little cheeks. She has some issues with reflux and we've had to put her on some medication for it, but it seems to be well controlled now as long as we hold her upright after eating for 30ish minutes. She sleeps anywhere from 3-4.5 hours at a time. She has very alert wake cycles and when she is awake, she is AWAKE. There is no getting her back to sleep until she is ready. She doesn't really like being put down and will let you know it too! She likes being held or touched all the time! yikes

She is already 5 weeks old! Time is flying by. She actually turned 4 weeks old the same day that Nash turned 13 months! crazy! some days I think I might go crazy too, but I quickly realize what blessings they are and that there are so many people out there who would give everything they have to be in our position. I love them so much and they have become my whole world. What in the world did we do with our time before them??