Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brett and Heidi's wedding #2

I love my little family!

look how ET and Matt are twinkies with their hands in their pockets!

he looks so big! notice that Eric is the one holding the pillow! This is the last I got to see of the ceremony, I got to chase Nash the rest of the time! Thanks to Adria for taking some great pics!

starting the walk down the aisle with Daddy

The blog only allows so many pics per post, so here are the rest of them!

First trip to OK and Brett and Heidi's wedding

he had just grabbed Bretts flower and about ripped it off. You can see he thinks its pretty funny

of course he found the gator, some guy even gave him a ride in it

giving Willa some grass-his expression of friendship right now.

checking her out, isn't she adorable??

Uncle Matt holding Laine

checking out Willa-I think they like eachother

Great Grandaddy and his pride and joy

Love this pic of Eric and his little girl!

too cute for words~

throwing rocks in the creek at Grandma and Grandpas-did I mention he fell in?? oh yes, totally submerged-I had to jump in after him. We were both soaked from head to toe! He never cried and didn't even swallow any water somehow

the gang on the ranger headed down to the creek to fish

the guys hanging out

naked boy in boots-what else do you need?

riding the tractor with Poppy

stomping in the mud

shutting the gate-he figured this out quickly-had to keep the cows out

riding the 4 wheeler with Poppy=happy boy
Whew! we have had a busy couple of weekends! First we went to Oklahoma to see a bunch of people who we haven't seen in a long time. Nash Laine and I stayed in Webbers Falls and Eric had a baseball tourney in Tulsa. We were hopeful that Eric would be able to join us at some point in time, but his game times had him staying in Tulsa the whole time. We had fun anyway and Nash had a blast! Laine got to meet her Great Grandma Versie for the first time along with Nash and Laine meeting a lot of my Dads side of the family for the first time. My Mom has a bunch a pics of the family on her camera, so I will swipe them soon and add them. Nash rode 4 wheelers, rode the tractor with Poppy and even got to ride in the jeep. He stayed dirty and naked a lot, which was so fun to see him having so much fun.

I have to share this horror story so that I remember it for years to come. On the way home Sunday, my Mom, me, Nash and Laine stopped in McAlister for lunch. It was mothers day, but kindof late for lunch so we thought there wouldn't be a problem with it being busy. We decided on Long John Silvers. The kids were exhausted and done for at this point, but we needed to eat lunch so we tried it out. We get inside and my Mom gets in line while I go sit with the kids at the table. The ordering took FOREVER and by the time my Mom ordered and brought our drinks, Nash was well on his way to a meltdown. Laine was in her carseat on top of the table being good. I needed to go get a bib for him out of the car so I ran really quickly to get that. I come back inside to Nash screaming hysterically and everyone one the place staring at us. Laine had kicked a full large sprite all over Nash and soaked him, the table and the floor all around us! he is soaked from head to toe in sticky sprite! So we gather up all our stuff and haul it to a new table. I put about half sprite, half water in a sippy cup for Nash to keep him quiet for a while and he dropped it on the floor of course. My Mom reached down and got it for him and when he went to take another drink, it poured all over him! Somehow the lid had come off!! Oh my gosh, awful. Now Nash is in his second break down of the meal and the food is still not even there! It took forever to get our food. We scarfed it down really quickly and headed for the car because now Laine is crying. I got another surprise when we got the car--Laine had pooped everywhere! It was all so awful by this point that all we could do is laugh. Now i remember why we don't go to restaurants right now.

This past weekend was Brett and Heidi's wedding in Waco. It was at a beautiful historic house right next to the zoo. I could hear lions roaring at times! Eric was a groomsman and Nash was the ring bearer. My little family looked so cute! Heidi was gorgeous and everything was great! The weather was perfect. I think Nash found himself a little future girlfriend in the flower girl. He and Miss Willa hit it off.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

warning! picture overload!

Nash and his obsession-the Ranger.

play time with Poppy

Nash is obsessed with the ranger, if you are ever looking for him, this is where you'll find him

egg hunting in Granbury-this pic is one of many that Nash and Maximus were in together!

found one!

the paparazzi watching the egg hunt

checking out the stash from the Easter bunny

I had more fun doing this than I should admit!

sharing some candy at Mim and Poppys

egg hunt #2

checking out the loot

please don't judge-I don't have hardly any pics with me and my kids!

typical around here-Nash is pretty into shoes, and of course you have to have an oven mitt on at all time right? just in case!

I love this pic of my boy!

Nash on the hunt

thought this was pretty smart! One in each hand and one in the mouth!

All the pretty girls at the playgroup egg hunt

Here are some recent pics of the kiddos. We had 3 different Easter egg hunts, so Nash got pretty good at swiping the eggs up by the time we were done.

5 months old

chewing on the wardrobe change

this face cracks me up!

jumping in the jumperoo

the ever present tongue!

in her Easter dress with Reese(exhibit A of her foot "issue")

Miss Laine-

You are now 5 months old! It seems to me that you are changing every single day! Just this morning I had you playing on your playmat and the next thing I know you have scooted yourself halfway across the living room! I couldn't believe it, you are now mobile. speaking of being mobile, apparently you decided to roll off the couch yesterday while I was at work! Daddy said you let him have it with those lungs of yours for a little bit, but no injuries to report. Apparently now you can roll over both ways, not just from tummy to back.

You are VERY drooly right now, so maybe some teeth are coming soon?? We have to keep a bib on you at all times or you just soak your clothes. Your hair is growing a lot right now and is just a fuzzy soft burr on top of your head, but it looks darker than your brothers was. You have golden brown eyes and your eyelashes are getting longer and curlier too! You love jumping in your jumperoo and playing in the exersaucer. Your high chair is a fave at the moment too and you spend quite a bit of time each day studying your big brother while he eats/plays/destroys his food.

Speaking of food, you are finally getting the hang of the rice cereal and seem to like it. I've also tried a little bit of sweet potato, which you seemed to enjoy. I am making your baby food for you, just like for your big brother so hopefully you will like the menu.

You are very chatty, as evidenced by the little video on the last blog. You definitely have second child syndrome and demand attention much more than your brother. You found your toes this month and love to try and put them in your mouth.

You sleep 11-12 hrs each night and take 2-3 naps a day depending on how long each nap is. You wear size 3 diapers and size 6-9 month clothing, but mostly 9 month because the 6 month are getting a little snug and short! You had your first Easter this past month and looked adorable in your little tutu that your Great Nana and Great Grandaddy got for you.

You adore your big brother and smile all the time when you see him. We love you Lainie poo! You are such a blessing.

ps. Good news! We had been noticing that your right foot like to point out a little bit more than normal, so after a few rounds of xrays we found out that everything is ok structurally! Seems like maybe it was just bent a weird way when you were inside me and just needs to be stretched back to the normal position.