Friday, March 16, 2012

OK trip, birthday parties and cookies on the patio

bounce house fun at Matea's birthday!

Laine was way more interesting in seeing if she could eat the animal food than the actual animals

Nash was all about the ducks

sweet birthday girl Julah checking out the food

some little boy snuck in from behind to be in the pic! haha
This might be one of my favorite pictures ever

love love love her

she was super excited about that rock!
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playing in the water--he was in heaven

love her little legs in those boots

is he handsome or what?

love those rolls girl!

love this kid. Even if his greatest pleasure was ignoring me trying to take pics of him

This is day 2 of the goose egg on her forehead. Still pretty impressive huh?

This little thing is nuts. Who sits like this at the table?? My daughter-that's who

This was as close to looking at me as he got. He absolutely did everything possible not to look at me

Boots, a tshirt and a diaper, and he's a happy boy

of course when Nash had boots on, she had to have her boots on too.

Doesn't she remind you of an oompa-loompa? those little orange creatures on Willie Wonka?

We are all well now! Praise the Lord. Since the weather has been so unseasonably warm we have spent a lot of time outside. We got to go celebrate 2 different first birthday parties on the same day! The kids had so much fun, but unfortunately crashed and burned about an hour into the second party due to no naps. I hightailed it out of there as fast as I could, with my tail between my leg, basically dragging a hysterical Nash the entire way. He was having so much fun at the petting zoo and definitely didn't want to leave.

We also made a trip to Oklahoma to Mim and Poppy's farm! The kids had so much fun riding the 4 wheeler, driving the tractor w Poppy, playing with Ryker and of course stomping in mud puddles.

Today we had so much fun just hanging out of the patio having some cookies. The kids thought they were so "big" getting to sit in the patio chairs. They were for sure hamming it up.