Thursday, July 29, 2010

8 months old!!!!

Hi baby!

I love this pic! this is a great pic of his personality

8 months old! such a big boy

He makes this terrible screeching sound and this is the face that goes along with it!

Wow! Time flies! I can't believe Nash is 8 months old! And I really can't believe we will get to meet this little girl in less than 4 months! yikes. This pregnancy is flying by and I almost feel like she is neglected because I know I don't think about here nearly as much as I did with Nash. I know she's ok in there though, and believe me...she's getting fed well! ha.

Eric is FINALLY finished with baseball for the season! whoo hoo. and he's making progress on the pond very quickly. I think everyone but me is very excited about it...neighbors included. Hopefully I will come around eventually. I just think of Nash and snakes and mosquitoes!! That makes it a big NO from me right now.

Nash--buddy, you have changed soooo much in the last month.
-You are crawling like crazy. I think we should see if there are any crawling races and enter you because you are one fast little booger.
-You have also started pulling yourself up! First on the couch and now on everything. Some things scare Mommy a little, like the bathtub. yikes. I can just see him cracking his head on the tile floor, so we try to stay on the carpet at all times. I've never liked carpet so much in my life and very grateful we have it!
- You are starting to babble a little and the B sound is your favorite right now.
-You still have four teeth, but with the way you haven't been sleeping through the night lately, I wouldn't be surprised to see more very soon.
-You wake up about once a night now. Pretty soon I'm going to try letting you cry it out and see what happens because I think you are waking up out of habit and not because something is wrong or you're hungry. I just walk in there and pick you up and almost always pretty quickly rock you right back to sleep. Mommy just needs to get over the need to go check on you. Hopefully I can round up the courage soon.
-We love you so much and can't wait to see what is in store this month!

This video if for my Dad! see how much I love you! I put my fat self on video just so you could see how much your grandson is growing!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nash "talking"

Nash all tangled up in his diaper bag

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dog days of summer

checking out the new pool

He lasted a whole 8 minutes before leaving it to eat grass

Friday, July 16, 2010

Now I need a new name for my blog.....

happy baby right after a good afternoon nap

what our living room looks like most of the time

some of my favorites for little pea

Oh my gosh! how cute

kinda hard to see, but it's her legs and booty. Showing that she is a girl!

Any good ideas on new blog names?? I guess we can't be the trio anymore!

On July 8th we found out we were having a little girl! Eric even said the words "are you sure" a few times before I think he finally didn't have another option. It's not that we didn't want a girl, it's just "weird" for us. We love Nash with all our hearts, and he is most definitely rough and tumble all-boy. I guess we just wanted another Nash. ha. I'm the only girl in my family and Eric only has brothers as well, so we are treading on brand new ground when it comes to this girl stuff. With that being said it brings tears to my eyes thinking about my awesome husband and how he will be with his little girl. I'm sure the saying "wrapped around her little finger" will say it just perfectly.

I am feeling good. My only pregnancy symptom right now are headaches. I had the same thing with Nash right about now...just all the weird hormones. I haven't gained nearly as much weight, which sounds great until I tell you it's because I never lost a lot of the weight I gained with Nash. Oh well, at least it looks good on my charts this time around.

Nash now has 4 teeth and is scooting around everywhere. He hasn't perfected the crawl yet, he has more of an army crawl type approach, which I hear is exactly what his Daddy did! His poor little knees and tummy are almost raw from constant movement on the floor.

I went shopping recently for Nash and little Sassy some clothes. I got a lot of great deals. Didn't pay full price for anything! I mostly got Nash some stuff for this winter and Sassy summer time clothes next year. A sweet parent Lisa, from Erics 12 year old team added to the growing collection with some adorable swimsuits among other things!

We are laying low due to the heat right now. I bought Nash a little pool today so I will take some cute pics of him in it soon and post them for you. I still have not managed to figure out how to upload video to the blog so I guess I need to get my IT pro brother over here to figure it out for me! Oh yeah, my hubby has decided that we need a pond in our back yard so I will be putting up some progress pics as he goes along.

Love you all

Monday, July 5, 2010


Little boy is into everything!

Hi sweet boy!

I guess he wants his diaper on! ha

Naked baby

his 3 favorite things right now...hairbrush, remote control and Daddys watch.

bath baby

He loves his bathtime!

Whew..this boy is busy and like my title says-TROUBLE! He is a mess right now. He's constantly into something..most of the time something he's not supposed to be into! Welcome to the life of a mobile baby...ha. He now has 4 teeth and is starting to figure out how to use them.

Hope you all had a good holiday weekend! We did, lots of good food, friends, family and fireworks. If anyone is looking for a great fireworks show for free, just come on out to the country next year! It was amazing watching all our neighbors all around shoot off all of their fireworks. We had plenty of our own, but next year we might just sit outside and watch everyone elses all around us! It was amazing.