Tuesday, June 29, 2010

7 months old!

all those toys and he prefers plastic measuring cups

hurry Mom..open the bottle and give me some medicine for my teeth!

silly Daddy forgot how much he likes paper!

soo..Daddy gets to pull it out of his mouth!

his teethies hurt

ok Mom..I'm done taking pictures

Nash-man is 7 months old today! Holy cow, time flies when you're having a blast! He is so much fun and such a sweetheart. I love him so much and can't remember, or do I care to, my life without him.

Nash, here are things you are currently doing:

-You wake up around 7 every day. You are like a rooster and rise with the sun. I hope this means when winter comes around you will maybe sleep in a little longer! ha. You sleep all the way thru the night. Your bedtime varies a little bit, but usually you are in bed around 8pm.
-you take 2-3 naps per day most days. Mostly they are all about an hour long, but sometimes you like to keep us on our toes and sleep a little less, or sometimes a little more. This makes Mommy very happy.
-You wake up such a happy baby and just play in your crib until we drag ourselves out of bed to go get you. As long as we have a bottle ready for you, you're good to go for the day.
-You take 4-5 bottles and day and eat 3 good meals/day. Mommy is still making your baby food and you seem to like it. Although I haven't really come across anything that you don't eat!
-You are so so close to crawling. I bet it will only be a few days before you have it down. You do the army crawl everywhere, but you always try and get up on your hands and knees every time to practice. One time you're just going to surprise us and take off.
-You have 4 teeth! and you got them all this past week! This last one has been a real booger for you and you're showing a little bit of crankiness, but I can't blame you one bit! That's a lot of stuff going on for one week.
-You have sitting up mastered and don't really like any of your stationary toys anymore. You want to be free to roam around, and you do! We have permanently moved our coffee table out of the living room and turned it into babyville. so far you love having all that space to roam.
-You randomly love to practice your screaming and boy do you have some pipes! There seems to be no rhyme or reason for why and when you scream, so I'm thinking you're just keeping your voice up, just in case.
-you are a great traveler and we have definitely been getting you out and about a lot more lately. You love riding like a big boy in the shopping cart. Everyone talks to you and you give them a flirty smile just like your Daddy taught you!
-You love bath time. Especially since we let you take a bath like a big boy now. You stay in there until your feet are pruney and I have to drag you out, fussing most of the time.
-You LOVE hair! Everyone has to be very careful around your little chubby hands or you will have a handful. I'm surprised I'm not half bald by now. You are very strong and we are going to have a hard time explaining to you why you can't pull other kids over while you're trying to love on them.
-You love swimming. Especially when we let you go naked. As long as you don't have any big accidents, we will keep you naked baby swimming...it's so cute seeing your little dimpled butt.
-You don't really care for having your diaper changed. I just can't keep you still long enough to change you anymore. You're constantly turning and flipping over. Mommy has gone to crazy measures and let you play with weird stuff(lotion bottles, air freshener) in order to keep you still.

We love you so very much and can't wait for what's to come.

We find out on July 8th if Nash is going to have a little sister or brother!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

First tooth!

First pic of the tooth! Momma was sweating from trying to get a pic of that tooth!

He loves running his tongue over it trying to figure out what it is

He looks a little like Jaba the Hut sitting there huh?? Still the cutest baby I've ever seen

Loves playing with blocks and cups now..anything that will make noise

So we have been looking for quite a while to see if Nash was getting a tooth or not. Of course, we were looking on the bottom...well this little stinker surprised us by cutting his top right one first! I asked the pedi if this was normal and she told me it was not common, but totally ok. She told me that some babies even cut their eye teeth first and look like little vampires! Can you believe that! I'm glad he didn't do that! He's been typically cranky the last few days ( I would be too!) The top right one finally broke thru on Monday and now the top left one is trying to break thru, so he has been pretty uncomfortable. On top of that he got 3 shots at his 6 month visit yesterday...poor little man-he's had a rough week.

The pedi visit went great! He is excelling in all his "tricks" that she wants him to be doing. He's still a big guy. 85% in height-28.5 inches and 97% in weight-22.7 lbs! They even measured him with the 7 months stats because he is closer to that age than 6 months. Apparently our pedi is very busy this summer---it took me 2.5 weeks just to get in for a well visit.
The doc was very excited that we(I) were making his baby food for him. Thanks to both sets of parents for all the veggies and fruit! Ronnie and Lyn sent us home with a ton of plums last week and he loves them! they are a little bit bitter so I just mix a plum with an apple and he is good to go.

We bought a new video camera last week so that I can upload videos to the blog now that he is so very close to being mobile. Once I sit down and actually read the instructions there will be video clips for your enjoyment.

The pregnancy is going great. I'm feeling much better and have a lot more energy now. We find out on July 8th for sure if it's boy or girl!! I have been feeling that baby move a little bit, which is much earlier than I felt Nash, but I think it might be that I know what a moving baby feels like now and I'm much more in tune with my body. It really makes it real that there is another little person inside of me now!

Eric has been gone to Omaha, NE for 5ish days to coach a tourney that his 12 year olds were in. He came rolling up at 7 am this morning..just in time to get Nash out of bed. We were both soooo excited to have him home! It's the longest we've been apart and for sure the longest he's been away from Nash.

Love you all

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summertime Baby

I put Nash down on his playmat to play this afternoon...

and then I heard some weird knocking sound and came to see what it was...it was his feet knocking against the coffee table! Hey buddy..how did you get over there??

He thought I was really silly for making such a big deal of it!

such a flirt

How sweet is this little ham!

awww...love that face

covering up the goods! swimming in Granbury

He is figuring out the sippy cup! He really likes drinking water

Nash has had a lot of fun playing this last week. He is becoming more adventurous and curious about things. I think we officially have a mobile baby. UH-OH. We will constantly have to keep our eyes on him now.... I say that as if we aren't constantly looking at him anyway! haha

We had a good weekend with Eric's family in Granbury and have had a little rain today, so my hubby is happy. Plus we got our first veggies out of the garden! Can't wait to grill some up tonight for dinner.