Monday, December 13, 2010

Laine part many pictures it took 3 posts to cover it!

this boy cracks me up! this is his cheesy grin for the camera now

uncle Zac came for a visit

Nash was very interested in the bouncy seat

VERY interested

getting her dressed to go home!!!

Laine part 2

proud Daddy!!!

Grandparents with their Grandkids

Nash giving Laine a hug!! Melts me

kisses too!

Hi baby sister!

Nash spying his sister for the first time ever!

cuddle time w Mommy

Hi pretty girl

look at that wavy hair!

not sure what to think about her

Nash pushing his little sister around..I'm sure this won't be the last time he pushes her around!

Grandpa T in deep conversation

little man is sacked out from a long's rough getting a little sister

Poppy checking out his new granddaughter

Hi buddy! I missed you

apparently you can only post so many photos on one here are the rest!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Laine Elizabeth Tomlinson

Nash catching a ride to the room

completely content

isn't she so sweet

look at those long fingers

Laine is here! 4:06pm

pushing!! Eric is so excited to not have to help me push this time!!

breathing thru the contractions

Eric getting prepared

having a chat with Carol, my fabulous nurse

Eric is looking at me like "please quit squeezing my hand so hard!"

yay! 10 cm

such a good husband helping me adjust my legs

testing out how numb they were...and yes they were super numb!

cute shot of the belly

visiting with Lyn

yay! 6 cm dilated

Eric and his Dad chatting

I have no idea...but thought it was a funny picture

Nash is having a blast while we are gone! I think this is 2 hours past is normal bedtime!

my cute signs all my sweet co-workers made for my room!

ET looks so excited to get this process going!

April, Emily and I before everything got started
Hi all-

Just a quick note from me and then I will get to the pics because I know that's what you want to see anyways! Miss Laine is here and healthy! She was born Dec 1 at 4:16 pm. 8lbs 9oz and 20 1/4 inch long. Big girl! We are all doing well and I promise to post a more detailed birth story soon(as soon as I can)