Saturday, November 12, 2011

11th month

I know. .I am very behind. secretly I'm glad I will be able to take a break for a little bit on the monthly thing after next month...of course I will need to do yearly for both kids, birthday party and the holiday...sheesh.

Miss Prissy Pants,

You are 11 months old! As evidenced by the picture that I failed miserably to get this month(not one did she actually look at me in, or smile at me) and the video in the previous my little diva are a MESS! Good Lord, I'm actually kind of scared right now of what the future holds. You have absolutely no fear whatsoever of anything and when you get hurt, which is quite often, you always look at us like, why did you let that happen?

You have this dirty look that you like to give. Almost like something stinks really bad, but it doesn't, you are just giving us your opinion on the matter. We attempted to get some professional family pics done this last week and I'm pretty sure that's the only look that you will have, in EVERY SINGLE picture.

Don't get me wrong though, we love you dearly. You crack us up constantly and you are definitely a ham! You have an awesome personality and you melt my heart-ALWAYS.

Heres what you are up to--

You sleep throughout the night, usually somewhere around 12 hours. You take 1-2 naps a day. I think you are trying to convert to one, but haven't quite figured it out yet.

You take 4-5 bottles a day. Mostly still formula, but we do add some milk in and you do great with it. You eat 3 meals very well. We still struggle with what to feed you though, because you still only have 4 teeth! Your brother had all of his teeth back to his 1 year molars by now! We are so afraid of you choking that we have to be careful about what you get, but you manage to chew up food w just those 4 very well.

You are standing by yourself and ALMOST walking. You get better every day and have taken as much as 5 ish steps! You much prefer to crawl because you are very fast so we try to make a big deal out of you walking when you do.

We had to remove the rocking chair from Nash's room recently because you learned to climb up on the ottoman and climb to the chair and rock -very dangerously- back and forth. You do most things dangerously and keep a constant bruise on your forehead. I'm sure it will be there for quite a while.

You say Momma, Dadda, tink tink, du-for duck and a few other sounds, but chatter a lot. You have this little laugh that sounds fake, but you use it as your real laugh sometimes, so cute! You blow kisses and wave bye bye and hi. Your smile is still a constant around here, which is something I don't ever want to change. We love you so very much!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

our lives thru video

This is apparently what happens when Daddy is watching the kids and has the video camera at the same time---he films the dog pooping and yes, that is Nash picking up poop and bringing it back to him. Eric said he didn't realize until later that it was poop-he thought it was a piece of wood--gross. Thank goodness it was old and dry. Hopefully Laine was asleep because I don't see her at all!

Laine is so close to walking!!

Laine was laughing so hard at Nash every time he put something in his mouth and shook it out. This is so silly, but so so cute

this little girl is so funny. She makes the craziest faces and is so verbal! I think she will probably talk before Nash. Also note the lovely dirty looks she can give already-she's got it down pretty good.

I had to split it in two since it's so is the second half

Happy Halloween

watch out! Dog on the loose

he was so excited!!

waiting for the hayride to start.

my two favorite boys!

our little family on Halloween

Nash's loot. Not too bad considering he can't say trick or treat!

my little chicken and puppy dog-notice Nash's shoes-they're his Mim's. He always has her shoes on

my happy little chick

We were able to celebrate Halloween this year! My Mom came over and helped out with Laine while we took Nash on a neighborhood hayride. We had a blast and it didn't take him too long to figure the whole thing out. He would run up to the houses, right past the people handing out candy and run into peoples houses! crazy boy. He was very polite though, and only took one piece from each person's bucket. I cant wait till Sissy can join us next year!