Saturday, September 17, 2011

video purge

This video is so sweet. They had no idea I was filming and both were playing quietly. No, this doesn't happen often, but when it does it's magic. I also want to remember Nash reading books in his boots and Laine playing contentedly with a sock.

Laine continues talking with her baby dolls. The only difference is more complicated conversations.

Again, they didn't know I was filming. We have tried to teach Nash to "share" and always make sure sister has a toy if you want the one she has.(it works for now, until she starts deciding she wants it too) it is --proof on film. The funny thing is he is trading her shoes for the phone that has games playing on it. FYI, he is saying "all done"

Thursday, September 15, 2011


My sweet little girl. You are 9 months old! You have changed so much this past month and sadly, we put all the "baby" stuff away in the attic just yesterday because you don't need it anymore....sniff sniff. You are crawling like a mad woman and pulling up everywhere and on anything. You just recently starting walking along things, like the couch to get to another spot. It won't be long before you are walking. Yikes

You are around 25 lbs. You have your check up next week, but that is pretty accurate. You are very tall and if something has snaps around the crotch, you need an 18 month or 24m! You wear a size 4 diaper.

You now have 4 teeth-two top and two bottom and you use them well to eat. Speaking of eating, you are DONE with baby food. You don't want anything to do with it and want to feed yourself! I am scrambling to find a variety of healthy things to feed you, since you don't have many teeth, but we are making due. You love grapes and I feel like sometimes that's all you eat, but you are a little trooper at trying new things and have adapted well.

Your personality is completely the opposite of your brother, you are a little spitfire. You are going to keep me on my toes, and keep band-aids in business. You are fearless, which I admire, but cringe at at the same time.

You still have to cry it out to go to sleep, you aren't content at all with us just laying you down, regardless of how tired you are. I'm hoping this will pass soon, but I realize that going to get you and console you will only make it worse, even though it breaks my heart every time.

Sweet little princess-you brighten our day and our hearts with your infectious smile. We love you !

21 months

at the circus-you were mesmorized

sitting like a big boy at the table at Nana and Grandaddys


My sweet, tender hearted little boy. I seriously cannot figure out how you are 21 months old. It breaks my heart in one way, because I feel like it's gone by so fast and what does that mean for the next 16 years! In another way, I see what an awesome little boy you are and it makes us so proud to see how far you've come.

You currently weigh about 30 lbs. You have been this weight for quite a while now, but instead of growing out, you are just growing up. You are verging on being skinny-which is kind of a new thing for you, and us. We are so used to our chubby baby. You wear size 2 t clothes, which is normal. I think your shoe size is around a 7, but you honestly haven't worn shoes much this summer, so we will probably find out soon. You have all the teeth you should have and will probably be working on your 2 year molars soon.

You eat pretty much anything, but are becoming pickier. You tend to go back and forth about your favorites. You still love your milk cup and occasionally you even share with your sister(thank goodness she doesn't seem to have a milk allergy) If you don't like something that we give you, you tell us "OT", which means hot. It's never hot, but you think that's your way of getting out of eating it.

You are still a good sleeper, but are beginning to have some nightmares and have spent a few nights lately sleeping with us, which I don't really mind at all. You have to be touching me at all times, and I just eat it up. (:

You are so very smart and understand everything we tell you, you just choose not to act like you hear us sometimes-like when we tell you no! You are still working on the verbal part, but it's getting better all the time. You say Dada, Sister, tink tink, bye bye, bite, awah (apple), ot(hot), all done, bababa(no no no) . You still don't say Momma, although I know you can say it because I've heard you. It's turned into a game now and when I say (say Momma) you just say MMMM and smile and run off.

You are so very cautious, I didn't realize just how careful you are until your tazmanian devil sister came along. You always try to slow down and make sure you don't get hurt or do something dumb. You aren't a daredevil at all. You still won't push the button on your batmobile just because you fell off, like a year ago.

You are a tender heart. When your feelings get hurt you get big crocodile tears in your big brown eyes and it breaks my heart. You try to hide it and be a big boy, but eventually the tears win and you will cry just a little. I hope you always keep this quality about you, that way I will never have to worry about you being a bully.

You absolutely adore your sister and whenever she isn't around, you ask where she is. You are so good to her and play with her a lot. She adores you too and I am so glad you guys have eachother. Even something as little as taking a bath by yourself, you will ask me where sister is. You occasionally will take something from her that you decide that you need, but you always replace it with something else.

I could go on and on about you, but just know that we love you and treasure every moment we have with you.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


lately, we have been eating Mommy's birthday cake, and smearing it in our hair

and hiding toys in Poppy's pocket while he's napping

and pulling ourselves up and being very proud of it

and giving teenager-ish attitude

and having wrestle time w Daddy

and taking pictures w Mommy, finally

and showing off all of our new teeth

and teething on anything and everything

and playing like a big girl!

I know I know...I'm behind. Welcome to my new reality....I have taken her 9 month photos, I just need to get a post together. I also want to post a 21 month something for Nash, and I will....soon. for now, here is our life, lately.