Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's summertime!

 sandbox and a waterhose=happy babies
 Laine shoveling some water

 taking time out for a potty break-she is not potty training, but loves to do anything bubba does

 doing a little art project
 Nash was so excited!
 she had way more fun painting herself
 inspecting his masterpiece
 a little paint mustache
 my crazy daughter-she looks like a butcher, she loved painting herself, as you can see

trying unsuccessfully to put on Daddy's boots.  She worked at it for a while

Hi all-  Yes, my children do have clothes! haha. .  it's so much easier to let them go naked now though.  Especially now that Nash is potty training.  We have the pee pee thing down really well. We just need to work on the other one ):   The kids are having a lot of fun in the sun right now and are getting some pretty good tans, especially Laine. She has turned into a little indian and definitely has her Daddy's complexion.