Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

This blog post title probably appropriately describes every one of my yet to be posted posts.  I'm quite certain that "playing catch up" is what I will be doing for....the next 5 years!  Anyway, here are some pics I managed to remember to take over the past few months.

 Laine being Laine, she lounges with the best of them
 Nothing makes a little boy smile like a naked barbie doll
 Laine decided she needed to wear her headband this day
 a trip to the Zoo!
 standing up in the stroller to look at the elephants
 a stop for a little snack
 love this little girl
 they both thought the fish tank was pretty cool
 hanging out with the turtle
 Another Zoo day with Poppy and Mim
 up close and personal
 "trying"' to direct L the way we want her to go...haha
 catching a ride on the gator
 this pic pretty much sums up Laine's personality
showing the kangaroo some love

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