Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mommy daughter date to the pumpkin patch

Nash was at school doing his own pumpkin patch fun, so Laine and I took a trip to another pumpkin patch to hang out with some friends.  It was really hot that day, but we managed to have fun anyways. 

 the best group shot I got...kinda hard with so many kiddos
 sister girl
 she was so mad she couldn't climb the haypile like the older kids..this is the beginning of a pout
 and this is the end. poor girl
 she climbed all the way to the top by herself and slid down all alone!
 let's go again"!
 this is Reese and Laine.  Reese is obviously staking claim.  you can almost hear her saying "mine!"
 kisses for Charlie
 and Snoopy

 eating guac like her daddy-by the spoonful!

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